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RADICAL CUP Australia young-gun Sebastian Fiorenza has impressed in his first outing aboard Australia's fastest racing cars.

The Arise racing rookie, in his first full year of circuit racing, was invited to test an S5000 at The Bend Motorsport Park by Versa Motorsport as part of the category evaluation day held at the South Australian venue yesterday.

Fiorenza sits eighth outright in the 2022 Radical Cup Australia championship standings and sixth in the rookie rankings, despite missing the opening round at Phillip Island.

The West Aussie driver, who lives in Bunbury, said his Radical Cup experience served as good preparation for his 'wings and slicks' debut.

It validates the Radical platform's place as not just a place for experienced drivers - but one were younger drivers can learn their craft as well.

"Today's been my first time out and it's not what I expected! These things are high horsepower, slick tyres, big rear wheels and a lot of power compared to the Radical," Fiorenza said.

"They're a lot of fun to drive but they definitely have a lot of horsepower. It doesn't have as much downforce as a Radical but that experience definitely helped prepare for this. A lot of skill from the Radical to the S5000 transitioned really well.

"We're working away on it. I can't say too much yet but I definitely would love to have a crack in one of these for a season or two."

The 2022 Radical Cup Australia series concludes at The Bend in October, as part of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships event on October 21-23.

As well as marking the first championship round for the current evolution of one-make Radical competition in South Australia, the round is expected to provide the strongest grid of the season to date.

20 cars are already entered for the Grand Finale', with the championship well up for grabs at the pointy-end.

Though not running the full 4.9km International Circuit in his S5000 test, Fiorenza said the laps at least gave him some introduction to the fast, flowing South Australian circuit.

"It's an amazing facility and a great circuit to drive," he said.

"This has been a great chance to learn a bit about the circuit for when we come back in October. I can't wait; I know the Radical will be awesome to drive here."

Fiorenza will be part of the large Arise Racing contingent at The Bend this October.


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